Change the plugs or use a converter ?

I have got 2 PC Shunyata Taipan with US plugs when I live in Switzerland.
I am wondering what is the best solution :
change the plug or use a converter ?

I am wondering if a converter is a way to lose efficiency, quality, as it's add another device.

But if I ask the question, it's because Shunyata says that its Venom connectors "ensure superior contact integrity, lower junction impedance and the long-term performance reliability of PowerSnakes products".
"Shunyata Research is the sole power-line company that treats the contacts of its power cords with an expensive three phase co-plating process".

Thanks for the insights.
If you're planning to stay in Switzerland, have Shunyata change the ends out.
Their turn-around is fast and they will reterminate with new heatshrink and a clear protector sleeve over it (depending on which cord)

I had my Anaconda VX reterminated with a NEMA Twistlock by Shunyata to accomodate my Hydra, perfect job.

I have changed the ends on my Mojaves and Sidewinders in the past, but I'm not too sure about Taipans.

As competent as I am, I would NOT try that on my King Cobras or Anacondas, too risky an affair to screw up a 2K power cord.
Using a converter is not a good idea. If you use an extension bar then I would get one with US style sockets and just get a Swiss plug compatible cord for the extension bar. Then you can use all US power cords for your system without extra converters. This way you don't introduce any extra converters and you don't have to change plugs either.

I do this myself, using Isoclean extension bars, which I plug into the wall with a high quality German cord and then I use all US cords from there to my gear.


Adhoc - I know this is a bit unconventional, but how about changing out your duplex outlet for a US version outlet and leaving your power cords ends alone? I have some customers outside the US that have done this and think it is a very good, cost effective solution. Just a thought...
Thanks to both.
Yes, interesting idea of your's, Joerg.
Agree with John. Also VH Audio has extremely good plug adaptors that I find work very well. I don't change the plug on power chords anymore because you have to put the American plugs back on to sell them. If you don't like the idea of changing the Duplex get a Hot Box with Euro plug, and plug the American cords into the Hot Box (from VH Audio again).