Change Single-Ended to Balanced input?

I've been scouring the deals here recently for amps and I was pretty set on a Proceed HPA2. I love the sound, plus I like the ability of the amp to change from single-ended to balanced inputs for each channel at any time. But then I came across the advertisments for the closeouts on the present version of the Aragon products (I guess before Klipsch sinks their teeth into them). Brand new Palladium IIs in the box for less than $3500. I've heard these amps before on a pair of Hales Trancendent 8s (the big ones). Words cannot describe.... Anyway, I don't think I can pass this up. The only problem is, the advertisement says the amps either come with balanced inputs or single ended, not both. I have two preamps, one CJ that has single ended outputs, and my A/V preamp that has balanced outputs. Right now I'm using balanced, but for the future I may want to go back to CJ, and thus back to single ended. My question is, can I get the balanced amp and then have it converted to single-ended in the future? Or should I just get the single ended amp--since the run from my preamp will never be farther than 1-2 meters anyway? Why can't these choices ever be easy...
You can just ground the negative input on the balanced input and it will work as an unbalenced. On the 8008bb the RCA connects to only one input on the XLR. Chris
Another option is to have a custom cable made that goes from RCA-balanced. There are some manufacturers who advertise on A'gon that will do this for you.
Surprised not already mentioned, are the adaptors that go from single ended to balanced or the other way around. No mods required.

Probably several sources, the one I am certain makes a great adaptor is Purist Audio Design.