Change Nordost SPM cable to IC?

I have a pair of 1m Nordost SPM speaker cable which is no longer in use because my mono amps changed to stereo. I wonder if I can change this 1m SPM speaker cable into two pairs of 1m RCA interconnects? Anyone has this kind of experience? What about the results? Thanks!
Call Vince at Nordost.....nobody knows it better.....
Nordost charges $100 per connection for the SPM, so are looking at $200 for each cable if they do it. ($400 per pair.) You can contact them for information at
Are you the original owner? If not, they have a new policy of not supporting conversions. that should score great points for Nordost in
the resale market...doesn't sound very much like Vince..did
the accountants take over the company?
I think they just got fed up with people taking advantage of their lenient re-termination policy. Many people started buying long runs of used Nordost cable, and sent them in for conversion to multiple short runs for a minimal charge, only to sell them on the used market for huge profits.

I cannot say I blame Nordost. They do not penalize you for longer run lengths as many companies do, they are very reasonable. They will do it for an original Nordost customer, but, why should they offer this inexpensive service for someone who is only looking to flood the used market with their cables. Most companies I know of have this policy.

If there is a problem with the cable, of course they will take care of it, but sometimes it is just so obvious what someone's intentions are. It also does not mean they will not take care of Zdeng.