Change it or Defend it, where is your stereo at?

I'm sitting here listening to Chantal Chamberland.  A wonderful discovery brought to me by using the artist radio feature of Roon and starting with Carla Bruni.  I'm feeling so much enjoyment out of my stereo right now, without the need to even try to be critical. I wouldn't change a thing.  I want to keep it just the way it is forever. If someone came in and offered to make it "better" I'd probably go all John Wick on them. 

So I wonder fellow A'goners.  Where are you?  Are you ready to throw it all out for something?  Are you looking for the next upgrade, or have you gotten yourself to a point where it's so good you are afraid of changing a thing?

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Currently my system sounds so much better than it has any right to and I want it to sound better but have no idea what to change???

My next upgrade will be to update the speaker wire of the 12'awg copper I'm currently using but I'm not sure it's going to make a significant difference.

I suggest Pieta Brown "Freeway" it always brings a smile to my face.

My big system is down/in flux so I'm listening to a very modest system. Triangle Antals, Velodyne subwoof, Rogue Sphinx, Oppo disc player. It's on most of the day and I switch from the TV, to the FM tuner, to the disc player. It sounds great, I just listen, no plans for any changes.

Yup EBM, you need to upgrade. The Magico's definitely have to go!  :-)))

I’m where I want to be overall. Still looking at phono stages, but amplification, speakers etc I’m at the end game. To “upgrade” puts me in the rarified air of this game and that’s not a place I can go currently. I’m pretty happy, and so is my wife. She loves the system too! That’s enough for me!

I just found Chantal this last week too! Along with Christel Alsos,

Freya Ridings, Sara K. and Dead Can Dance.


Jay the Amp dude published his long list of test music.

After cut and pasting from his list to my Roon server

I decided most of his music was not for me but these

are the gems I plucked. Thanks Jay!


To your question: I have some new speakers in for a 30 day trial 

that have a new magic I love with vocals.

Short of hitting a lotto and buying some stupid expensive

speakers-i.e. ten x what these cost me- I am happy!!!

Happy with system(s). I do wish I had a better space than the basement. But it sounds so much better on concrete. Some day.

just need to exchange the GEAR ( things ) focused hedonic treadmill for a MUSIC ( experiences ) hedonic treadmill.

Lots of good research on the why of this….

Annie Haslam an i are on a hot music date, gotta go….

My system's are perfect and no changes coming.

Now I am listening to my music not my equipment.

My system is not the best there is for a long shot if i look to the virtual system page here.. 😁

But once said i will not upgrade my gear because it was very well chosen basic good gear for my room and ears..

But the main reason why i will not upgrade is because for the last 2 years i was in an incremental process to not only treat my room with passive treatment but also with mechanical active control devices..

It is now so satisfying that i can repeat some truth discovered also by some few others...

Acoustic matter way much than the gear, never mind his price, if the gear was relatively good to begin with...

No upgrade can replace acoustic treatment and control, NONE...

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Well, to be perfectly honest I have six more panels coming in from GIK acoustics in March and a rack from Butcher Block Acoustics in February... but as for anything that conducts electricity I'm pretty happy where I am.

Of course if Bricasti or Mytek wants to send me some DAC's for a long term review I'd be happy to consider them. 😁

I have two systems I’m pretty happy with. Is there room for improvement? There’s always room for improvement. The question is,how far are you willing to chase improvements?  Tomorrow is a new day. 

Happy, Happy, Happy not looking to change

anything. Well maybe something like a cable

I enjoy my system, I am delighted every time

I listen.

I love the sound of my hifi but sometimes, just sometimes, after awhile, as a “technology guy”, I may want to discover what the latest and greatest technologies and breakthroughs can do for me. Out with the old and in with the new? That time may be coming again soon.

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I have reached plateaus over the last fifty years where I had everything balanced as I wanted it… and, yes I just knew if I replaced one piece and it was going to throw everything off… and it happened. I always doubled the cost of a component, so it would improve the sound… but it would throw the tonal balance off.


Over time as I gained experience purchases would do what I expected… many hundreds of hours or reading, listening… experimenting. Over the last twenty years, my choices did exactly what I would expect.


I now have the system I have worked towards. So, no changes planned (My User ID). However, I have tweaks planned… shorten my speaker cables, podiums under speakers. There are always small things that make a system better at this level.