Change Interconects? Will it Help?

I have read a lot of the posts on IC's.

I was thinking of changing my interconnects. I currently have Monster (400 series) IC's, hooked to Onkyo 805 as pro. to B&K AV5125 Amp (125 x 5) with Paradigm LCR 450's (MTM 6.5") front three and Polk ix30 rears.

I was thinking of switching my IC's to Blue Jeans LMC-1's.

Will the change improve the system sound?
Hard to say if it will or not. You could try changing out the front channels and see if it changes anything....the back speakers are only for sound effects, so would leave those alone ( but that is just my .02)
What change or improvement are you looking for? For what it is worth I had the same monster cables and when I switched to the Audioquest King Cobra's there was quite a difference (for the better). A little more forward all around. Better bass mids and highs. Then I upgraded to the Fusion Audio Interlocker II's. Again forward - more from top to bottom and a larger sound stage than the King Cobra's.

Also as stated start with the front pair first. Decide from there if its worth it.

IMO your biggest bang for buck will come from upgrading the pc on that 805. ICs will help too though on the BJ level not as much.

That's what I've found out on my own 805 + Butler 5150, using Audio Art cables, Micro Pearls, and even a pair of MIT Shotgun S2. The power cord made lots bigger diffs than the ICs, and rather set the table for them by adding or allowing more bass response, detail, and a more enveloping staging or presentation.

Don't they have a return if not happy thingy at Blue Jeans? I think so if it's not a special configuration. They're nice people so just ask & see.
The 400 series of IC's by by Monster are actually not bad IC's.They are a warm cable though and do lack detail but upgrading to Blue Jeans I do not think you will notice that much of a improvement.If you really are looking for big improvements I recommend you try buying used IC's off of Audiogon.There are some good deals to be had here and if one is not to your liking you can always resell and try others.If you buy new then there is the break in period which can be long and nerve racking.I just went through a 350 hour break in on some MIT Shotgun S3's and thought they where awful...until they fully broke in and now can not believe what they have done for my system.Another thing to consider is it can get very expensive.Once you start with IC's then there are power cords and speaker cables.But back to your original quetion of Wlll It Help...Yes .It did for me as I was also using Monster 400i series.
Thanks everyone. You are all right with your input as far as I'm concerned. Better processor, IC's, would help.

I was thinking of building my own cables from Belden 89259 cable and Cardas GRMO rcas. Any thoughts.
i'm rather new at this and just finished a 4 month long ic try-out. tried 7 different cables and all sounded "different". some were "better"....others "worse". i also discovered that my "better" may not be the same as someone else's "better".

no way to tell until you hook-um up and decide for yourself. buying used from a-gon is a great way to get it done without losing much cash. the most i lost was $30 to try a cable out. a few i broke even on and didn't cost me a dime.

lots of things will effect your ultimate decision (system synergy, room acoustics ect....)but in the end...what YOU like will be the determining factor. it got rather tiresome towards the end but i'm glad i tried alot of stuff out. eventually found the right ic for me and my system and it sounds way "better" then when i started the journey.

i agree with the power supply and power cord comments too. was very surprised to notice such a difference after upgrading my line and PC's. didn't notice much after each individual upgrade but when it all came together in the was well worth the time and investment imo.

good luck