I have a nice Rotel RA-1062 integrated[60w/ch], but would like MORE power...would YOU sell the Rotel and get a more powerful integrated OR just use the Rotel as the preamp [i like its phono] and just add some nice powerful dual mono amps like the Bryston 7B-ST's?
What is the rest of your system? But I would guess that you would be better off not using your integrated just for it's preamp.
Michel GyroDec turntable-audioquest arm & cartridge[AQ404]/Denon cassette/Rotel 1072 CD/Epos 14 speakers/kimber PBJ interconnects-wireworld lunaIII speaker cable.
Kiss999-The preamp section of the Rotel is not in the same class as a Bryston 7B. My best advice is to keep your system balanced, since your system is only as good as it's weakest link. Since your speakers are at least 10 years old? I would look into replacing the Epos-14 speakers and then start rebuilding your system piece by piece.
Replaced epos 14 with talon raven-c....same opinion? Why doesn't the rotel match with the bryston?...just using the bryston's for more power!
I used to have a Rotel RSP-980 prepro in my system a while back and it was good but could not match the tonality, weight, and soundstage dimensionality of a good stereo preamp. In fact I'm now using a Bryston BP-6. If you're upgrading your amp you should demo a couple good stereo preamps as well just to see what you may or may not be missing. Preamps are one of the most critical components in a system so it's worth some effort to get it right imho. Best of luck.
Dump the Rotel
Give it a try. If it does not work out you can always sell the Rotel and get a preamp.
With keeping the rotel i can use its power to run other speakers and use its pre-outs for the other amps & speakers...then i have multiple speaker choices without a lot of wire switching!
Makes sense,go for it!