Change from PSB Stratus Gold i

Any owners of these happen to switch to the newer Synchrony 1? If so, is there a marked improvement or is this more of a side ways move? Been happy with the the Golds for years,but have the urge to try something new,but I would like to improve and not just change for the sake of change. Also considering the Focal 1027BE,but have no way to audition in my home. I guess I would like to hear from former Gold i owners who have moved on and what they moved on to. Any input is welcome. Thanks, Mike.
I upgraded to a PSB platinum t-6 which I thought were close to the Synchrony and were much cheaper. Synchrony is a big improvement over the stratus gold i but platinum t-8 are better still if you have a big room.
Another very stimulating thread Wino..
PSB T8 i have it for 2 years, very big improvement over Goldi, sold my Goldi after owed for 12 years.
i drove this with Krell FPB600, with VPI Classic TT/dyna 17D3 and PS audio pre. Harmonic magic link 2 IC
very happy with it,