Change e-v SP15 to 15w

this is hard to explain
electro-voice LL 16 OHM
SP15 x 2 need recone
SP12 x 2
TRX12 x 2 need recone
TRXB12 x 2
125A x 2
135 x 2
x36 x 4
x8 x2
I nead to make custom cabinets for these speakers,2 front channel corner baffle or horn type with sp15 and x8 for bass trx for mid and t25 with x36 and attenuator.the rers ar sp12 and trxb with x8 and x36 blus attenuators.this is the best i can come up with i have almost all electro-voice lit. but am still stumped about the whole project need any kind of my speaker reconer sad that i can change sp15 to 15w