Change connectors for Transparent Ultra Bi-wire?

Should I change the factory bananas on the speaker ends with the Furutech (202R)? My factory bananas have become so compressed that they do not make good contact with speaker connectors unless held by some sort of force. I know these are expensive cables, but I think the Furutech is a better connector. Does anyone think it might degrade the sound by changing to these connectors? I know that Transparent puts a lot of engineering into their cables and I want to keep the quality of the sound as when they were new. The Transparent connectors are very thin material on the bananas. I tried to open them up slightly and a couple strands of the connector broke. Thanks in advance for your insight and advise...
First, it sounds like since your existing connections appear to be broken, you need to change them to something.

second, in which case, furutech is quite good. If you are thinking xlr, Xhadow is also good.

good luck and pls keep us posted.
I wouldn't mess with them. I would send them back to Transparent. Transparent is very good with support.
Actually, on my own Transparent Ref cables, i called the Transparent guys myself...they said it was perfectly fine for competent audio tech to reterminate them with Xhadows. I agree with NCarv...that is why i checked with Transparent myself...they said it was fine to do with 3rd party audio tech. good luck.
Did you purchase them from a dealer? If so, check with the dealer. I sent some back that where 5-6 years old, because some of the copper wires strands had broken ( from moving the speakers around so much with them attached ) they reterminated all 12 spade connections, free... and had the cable back to my dealer in 5 days.
That's the same experience I had, No_money.