Change cartridge?

My pro-ject 1.2 turntable has apparently bit the dust. Tech guy says it needs a new motor which you can’t get. In the meantime I bought a nonfunctional BIC 960 for $35 and followed the YouTube videos on repairing it.   It’s now mostly functioning (auto return doesn’t work) and sounds pretty good. 

it has an audiotechica cartridge which is white and I don’t know what kind and a red stylus with a guard. I have no idea how old they are but clearly not original.  I assume it was replaced in the 80s. Think it’s a conical stylus because the BIC has an adjustment for elliptical and conical and conical sounds way better. 

it does sound a bit fuzzy which makes think stylus replacement . If I know it’s a audiotechna cartridge can I buy any audiotechnica stylus or should I replace both cartridge and stylus. 

And any ideas for reviving the pro-ject. Not sure I have the mechanical chops to deal with motors. 


Will get a new cartridge

As to the motor:  Everything on that site is 220 volts. Which, correct me if I’m wrong, won’t work in the US.  My motor says:

Litovel-cz synchro.mot 1 typ M307 2VA 100-120 V 300 ot/min

Nobody I’ve talked to has it.  Pro-Ject USA suggested I buy a new turntable.  I suppose I could try to take it apart and clean it?  I feel bad about junking it but I’m   just not sure it’s worth the trouble.  Especially if it needs some part inside.  Is there something I can do with this guy?  Everything else is fine.