Chang lightspeed VS ESP powerdistributor

Chang light speed VS ESP powerdistributor, I am planning to buy either one of these units, can somebody tell me what will be better in most systems, ofcourse I know that ESP power distributor is just only an outlet.
The outlet will be better.
Can you tell what the Chang does wrong compate to the ESP ? Or why is the ESP better in what sense ?
These devices are not in the signal path and will not improve the sound of your system. This kind of product is a hoax. I am not exagerating. Ironically, power amps are a source of power line distortion rather than a victum of it. The power supplies in you equipement have very large capcitors and regulators that due all the filtering you need. Nobody makes gear with such a poor power supply that it is effected by irregularities on the power line. Honestly, go to WalMart and get a power strip. If it makes you feel better get one with some surge protecteres in it. Spend the money you save on good music.
I'll have to disagree completely with Stevemj. They make a big difference. Sorry, I can't comment on the chang vs esp. But I do have a Cinepro and it does wonders for my system. Powercords make a big impact as well...
I also diagree with Stevemj. I don't feel pwr amps are made to clean up dirty ac even if they have filtering devices. Remember dity in is dirty out,pwr line filters such as the chang do what they are designed to do clean up your ac. Then whatever filtering the pwr amp is doing will do it probably more effectively.
I agree with the last two posts. I live in a condo and run my HT through a CLS 9900 amp and a CLS 9600 ISO and find the difference significant. The background is quieter, and the bass tighter. I've also found the sound better when running my amps through these as opposed to the wall outlets (I use five of then). I found this to be true with my bedroom system as well. As far as I can tell, unless you can run dedicated lines with isolated star grounds (unquestionably the best setup) you will find benefit from power conditioning. Just be careful, some limit the power to amps and will restrict their power (thus the 9900 amp in my system).

I've not used the ESP, but love my Chang's, in fact I''ll be buying another soon.....
Guys, as I said the power amp is a source of power line voltage distortion and not a victum of it. A power amp distorts the line voltage by the very nature of its operation. If you had any idea how a power amp works you would not make these claims. If you could see a picture of the current delivered by the power supply rectifiers to the filter capacitors you would see that it does not look anything like a sinewave.