Chandler TG2 mic pre + Turntable into Lynx Hilo

Hi there,

I’m looking to connect 2 different units into the xlr line inputs of my Lynx Hilo:

1) Turntable via an MX-VNYL phono amp (left & right xlr line outs)

2) Chandler TG2 pre/DI (left & right xlr line outs)

What device would you recommend so that I'd be able to jam on guitar via the TG2, playing along to vinyl. I'm guessing a simple, transparent mixer or interface to connect both the MX-VNYL phono outputs (l+r xlr line level) and the TG2 outputs (l+r xlr line level), feeding them both into the analog line inputs of my Lynx Hilo at the same time?

Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.