Chambers Brothers Time Has Come

Highly recommended.

Loud, thru a nice period 67 pressing. First cut "Uptown" is quite funky.
Along with great music, it's a dynamic, system show off album.

Get your cowbell on.

I have a copy, but it is quite worn. But a great song from the past, thanks for stirring the memory👍
Well, it's not like I don't have "time" to sift thru the collection.......

Something about the title "Time Has Come Today" seeming  fitting for the MADNESS. I haven't deconstructed the song to figure out what it means, but certain lines sure align with what's going on.

I have been doing  an overdue cull of the collection. Doubles, triples of things to get to my "stamper"

I CLEARLY remember my older brother playing this album, when it was new(played thru a gigantic tubed Grundig). I thought the break in the song was frightening as a child.

I have been trying to find a very rare mono of this album, which my record guy(72 years old) says exists.