Challenge - Bet You Can't Find This One

Several months ago I heard a piece on the local public radio station. Guitar and piano, but just lovely. Sounded of the Romantic period, but a bit more modern (not Scheonberg modern but more like contemporary soundtrack composers in the chord usage). So I e-mailed the station and they tell me it is a piece by Massimo Palumbo entitled "Fantasia, Omaggio a (Homage to) Ennio Morricone". Issued by FonitCetra, catalog no. 2029. The guy wished me luck since it was out of print and he could not find it for himself.

Here's the problem. I have searched everywhere for a copy, even sent some e-mails to Italian record stores, with no luck.

Can anyone out there tell me where I can find this piece, or have a copy I could buy?

I am counting on all you guys with huge music collections to have a copy of this beautiful piece and help me out!!

Just typing it into Google comes up with 10 pages in Italian. Just use a transator program to view the pages.

Good Luck,