CHALLENGE: Best speakers for playing 1812 Overture by Eric Kunzel with real CANON at 92+dB

The 1812 Tchaikovsky by Eric Kunzel album is a life like recording with HUGE dynamic.
Its dynamic s so HUGE that playing it in average consumer system sound will sound bad, because the soft sound can't be heard at low volume setting, so volume has to be turn up much higher than typically set of other recording, but then when the loud section comes, it will tax the system because it will draw power and make the speaker work hard :-)

I want to know what has play this songs at 92dBA before the real canon section.
Many audio shops are scare to play the track 1 loud because of the real canon peak sound.

Luckily, I found opportunity to repeat Track 1, last few minutes section (last 5 minutes of the 15 minutes song) on several audio stores (Revel Ultima, Wilson, Focal, Sonus Faber), so far I think B&W N801 holds the record for ability to play the loudest at 92dBA and can handle the Canon section with the most lifelike dynamic.

8 Hz. That’s your frequency target for those Telarc 1812 cannon shots. Your system needs to be able to survive high power at 8 Hz.

What sort of SPL would be "realistic"?

According to the US Army, the impulse SPL of a 105 mm howitzer at the gunner’s location is 183 decibels. That’s roughly one BILLION times the sound power of the 92 dB target mentioned. Obviously this isn’t practical for a home audio sound system, but I wanted to give some perspective on the difference between 92 dB and "realistic".

The amount of air displacement it would take to deliver even 92 dB @ 8 Hz at the listening position is enormous. You’d be looking at something like 2 or 3 very capable 15" subwoofers.

I could never be satisfied with any speakers on this piece, so I purchased a small cannon for my listening room, and set it off appropriately along with the recording. That brings me the realism I need (and, frankly, deserve).

Got a real laugh. You win!