CH precision or Trinity or combo of both?

Hi Goners,
I would like to hear from owners of these two remarkable brands that either went with all one or the other or both?
Perhaps analog for one and digital for the other?

Thank you for your information,
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Hi Azjake,
Yes, i use a combo. Currently using the ch c1 and a trinity phono through a nagra jazz pre.
C1 is outstanding for digital. I have increased the proportion of digital that i'm listening to as a result. The trinity phono is dead quiet and perfect match with my low output cartridge.
What ch or trinity are you using?
I'm using 2 x CH A1's, C1 DAC, D1 cd/sacd player, X1 PS, Trinity pre and Trinity phono - with Zellaton speakers. I'm in heaven BUT CH L1 pre and CH M1 mono's were not available when I bought so definitely want to hear these....
Azjake, I believe AlistairM on has heard both these dacs in
his system (not sure if he is a member here). Also Adam (Elberoth) on
WBF/AA owns the Trinity dac & could share his experience. But just to
throw another cat amongst the pigeons, I would also recommend
trying to get an audition of the Vitus MP-D201 dac which is awesome.
Thanks for the info...I am up to my neck in "pigeons" now so am trying to lower the choices AND pick which sources should be from who!

Thanks, Azjake
Hi Mover, just named everything I am looking at except for the new CH preamp as I did not know that was to be out this soon...
I have no use for computer based audio or Dsd and it's version of " perfect sound forever!"
Upgrade ability will be nice for sale or trade-in but I am interested in the Phono and Digital playback since I listen only to 50/50 LP's and CD's and pony speakers and headphones...
My other question will be Ref's or Statements though I feel the latter is too large for my listening room.
Finally I am trying to find Detailed info on the Schnerzinger cable system but both the forums and website have little in the way of useable references and detail.
Where are you located and would you contact me at [email protected] so I could hear how you got to this system choice?
I know; you've got many choices but my preference is an all CH system with the Trinity phono stage. I have not heard the new M1's or L1 preamp but reports suggest that they are unbeatable. I also like the CH system synergy which many people seem to appreciate as well so will probably move on the M1's and L1 once available and keep the Trinity pre for another system. The M1 amps are apparently dedicated 20a beasts so make sure you have 20a lines. The Trinity phono in my opinion is the best out there (having replaced my FM Acoustics and Gryphon) and you should run it fully balanced into your pre. Ideally you would consider the D1 player with CH proprietary link into the C1 (no ethernet board since it's not your thing), M1's, L1, X1's for D1,C1, L1 and Trinity phono.  What turntable will you use? I have not heard the new Zellaton statement but have time listening to the Reference which is simply phenomenal - everything you've read about them is true. If your room can accommodate the Reference then it can probably accommodate  the Statement but you'll have to inquire further as I simply don't know for sure. My suspicion is that the Statement is the superior speaker (by far) due to the D'Appolito driver configuration and larger drivers - which probably move more air and create greater presence. Because they are so lightning fast with no port and a semi open baffle, you may be able to get away with a larger Zellaton. Again I have not heard so we'll all just have to wait. I made an appointment for Audioarts to come out and install/demo the Schnerzinger system. I can't comment because I have not heard it yet but very optimistic based on my research and Schnerzinger's close relationship with Zellaton. The comprehensive Schnerzinger approach seems to make sense and comes with tremendous accolades and support from Europe - but I will judge for myself...