CH Acoustic X20/ Elrod Gold Power Cord

A lot of high praise for both cables. Does the X20 compete with the Elrod Gold for a lot less $$$?
? The Elrod Gold pretty special!
Have passed the test of time!
At least in my set up!
I vote for the Elrod Gold......but for pricing consideration make sure you know which vintage as I get the sense that there have been incremental improvements in design and perfoamance.

So you A/B both cables?
Have not done an A/B but rather based on my experience (and now ownership) of a recent vintage (a bit over one year old now) Statement Silver power cord. Really revelatory on my power amp and best described as my system felt like it was on steroids (albeit in a great way) so at that point I knew I had to have it. I assume that you are asking about the Statement Gold.