CH Acoustic X-20 PC vs Less Loss DEPC Reference PC

Has any one done a comparison between the CH Acoustic X-20 Power Cord and the Less Loss DFPC Reference Power Cord?
I'd be interested to know your thoughts?
Use would be on both a SS and Tube system.
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Do you still live in Perrysburg? I'm in Indy.



I was just thinking about maybe getting my 60 year old butt in a car and driving up to see you. I love Maggies and I've always wanted to hear a Plinius and I'm curious about the Allnic.

I could bring my two X20 power cords, my one pair of X20 balanced ICs and my set of X20 speaker cables if 1.5 meters would reach your Maggies. This way you could hear first hand how they sound ( or actually not sound ).

I could also ask Craig if he'd like to come, or if he might have a power cord and balanced IC so that we could hook up the MBL to the Allnic to the Plinius.

If the X20 cables weren't this good, I wouldn't be recommending them like I do.

Just a thought,
Sounds like a good plan Chuck. I'd be very interested in reading how that would turn out.

As I said in an e-mail with Larry, I would expect that these two cords would sound very different, just by comparing what I have read about them on the web. It would be nice to have a first hand experience. There's nothing like hearing for yourself, in your own system.
Chuck, anything is possible please send me a private email and/or use the Audiogon mailing system to set something up.
My MBL CDP has been sent out for repair for the last four months (still waiting for its return).
8' speaker cables are required for either system.
1/M interconnects work either RCA or XLR.
Let me know?


I will indeed.

My MBL CDP has been sent out for repair for the last four months (still waiting for its return).
That's not very good service. I hope they get it back to you soon.

Thanks Metralla.
I agree poor repair service for a unit that is out of warranty.
I made an error and I want to correct it:
I sent this unit to the MBL official repair service in Bridgeport CT. I was told
that I'd have to wait a while because they handle current warranty work first.
Was made to sound like it would be two months. I rechecked my dates, it's
been 6 MONTHS!
The necessary repair is for the Phillips Drive to be replaced.
All I can say is the MBL 1531 CDP is an awesome unit I want back in my

Were you able to get together for a demo?

Unfortunately had to pass on the demo.

I see that you now have a CH Acoustics X-20 cord listed in your system, along with several other heavy hitters from PAD, Stealth, High Fidelity and HiDiamond. Any comments on how it compares with these other heavyweights?

I find them all to sound very good and I can't really choose one over the other. Sounds like I'm being vague and noncommittal but I'm not trying to. I truly believe it has something to do with my twin isolation transformers (5 KVA/each) in my power filtration system.
I received one CT-1 PC a few days ago. After doing some extended listening I have reached the following conclusions (this will be short and to the point)
In the past, I was not sure what I heard, but I'm now ready to commit:

1) The CT-1 PC outperforms the other power cords I own on my CDP and Preamp. I have not tried it yet on my amp.

2) The CT-1 Ultimate is better then the CT-1 PC.

3) The PC effect is even better when I have the CT-1U PC on my CDP and the CT-1 PC on my preamp.

4) I’m having a hard time coming up with the words to describe this so feel free to add your own personal thoughts but for me I think I hear is the HFC sound: all the music is more dynamic in a more natural sounding presentation.

5) One has to pay a lot to receive a tad bit more improvement, but I really like what I’m hearing ;-)!
Congrats on the HFC cords Larry!
Would you say that you notice a bigger difference on your front end over amps and conditioners?

As you know, I have a couple of CT-1U cords due in a couple of weeks. My initial plan was to try them on my power conditioner and integrated amp first, as this way they would both be in use when listening to either analog or digital.
Obviously, I can also try them on my CDP and phono stage too, and determine where they work best in my system.
I think that due to the nature of HFC cords and cables, I would be better served NOT switching one cord back and forth from my phono stage to CDP.
What do you think?

I did notice greater improvement when using the HF power cords on the front end vs. my amp in my main system. With my integrated the improvement was greater.
I have read many comments from audiophiles that use the HF power cords and they have said to use the PC on your power conditioner first. My power filtration system works differently without a power cord so I can't say from personal experience.
I totally agree with your plan and I do find it difficult with HFC products trying to make a change to A/B test, even when leaving the HF product on the component for a week or more due to the residual magnetic effect or whatever it is that happens when the HFC comes off.