CES08: Room: 30-127: Acapella, Einstein system

CES08: Room: 30-127 WOW! This system sounded great. I've never been a fan of horns but these were correct in timbre and really great with imaging...quite worth the price tag!
Hi, I just bought a pair of used High Violons and they are the best speaker I have ever heard. The ion tweeter is amazingly detailed and delicate, the horn has great soundstaging and midrange detail, but robust-sounding. Their only weakness, but not a bad one, is what I would term an ordinary bass. I drive mine with a big solid-state amp, so perhaps the use of tubes allows a little more bass weight, but probably at the expense of definition and extension. There is another thread on this subject here on the Gon.
Rlawry, I have become interested in these speakers. After having for a couple of months now would elaborate on your impressions? Thanks!
I have a pair of these as well. I'm not sure what Rlawry means by a robust sounding horn, but mine sounds incredible - delicate, fast, and timbrally very accurate. I have heard my speakers with more than half a dozen different amplifiers so I know its character very well. The mid and top end are slightly cool, and would benefit from a warm sounding amplifier like the Cary CAD-211AE I am using.

I agree with Rlawry about the bass, but the bass problem seems to bother me more than it does him. Mine is a High Suboktav version, with two woofers. The midbass is muddy and slow and does not suit the character of the mid and top end. As a result it sometimes sounds disconnected. True low bass is missing, there is virtually nothing below 50Hz.

I have had my speaker in four rooms now (at the dealers, in my first house, in my second house, and in a friend's house) and the bass problem was present in each - so it is not a room issue. I have tried my speaker with many solid state amps and the problem is still there - so it is not an amplifier issue.

Despite its faults, no other speaker I have heard sounds like this one. I only need to listen to someone else's system - when I come home I marvel anew at how natural sounding my system is. Which is why I will never sell it.