CES05: Tonian Labs: comments

CES05: AlexisPark 1765 I returned to this room three times drawn by the phenomenal sound
of the Tonian Labs TL M-1. The PHY driver is absolutely killer. Plus, the cabinet craftsmanship is superb. Good people, fine suite, one helluva speaker. Kudos, Tony!
Very nice sound indeed. I returned to this room twice.
I have owned these speakers for about 12 months and am constantly amazed by what they do....maybe not everyones cup of tea but they are mine. There are only a couple of other speakers I've heard that still intrigue me.

I agree with you completely. A friend owns a pair of the PHY drivers and has installed them in a clear plexiglass open baffle cabinet. It's a work in progress, but he's also very high on them.

I was blown away by Tonian's demo. The speed, dynamics and clarity were startling. This was one of the top 3 rooms I heard at CES.