CES05: AlexisPark 1562: comments

CES05: AlexisPark 1562 This is a very special room out of the 2 rooms that Fab Audio, Murata and Pacific Creek occupied. This room kept me coming back 5 times even in light of other great rooms. The sound from the Brat was present, transparent, dynamic and alive. It's as if the musical event is happening in front of you. I'm surprised it gets very little mention from AgoN'ers. Most of the speakers got sold before the last day of the show.
I missed that room. I saw another room with Elac super tweeters. I was incredibly impressed with the addition of these tweeters to the sound. I would like to know more about super tweeters as I am thinking of getting a pair.

Help & advice appreciated.
I'm not surprised. I use a pair of Fab Model 1 (the big angular speakers in the background of some of the shots) along with the Murata ES103. I've heard the Brats and Stonehenges as well, and the whole Fab Audio lineup rings my chimes with their sense of presence and realism. The Muratas get along with them very well, doing a really nice job of cleaning up transients and opening up the sound in general.
It looks like I might be getting a pair of Elac 4PI Plus.2 Super Tweeters. Any comments before I pull the trigger? Mistake? Heaven?
thanks in advance for help
Crytical, make sure you have enough power on your amp(s) for the Elacs to come alive.
I heard Fab Audio with an 8-watt amp and the speakers were rocking.