CES Rumors

Anyone have an inside track on new product launches or updates at next month's Consumer Electronics Show?

A local dealer mentioned some new pre/pro from Parasound.
I believe that Day Sequerra may have some very interesting new items, assuming they make the show.
When I saw the heading "CES Rumors", I thought I'd find something like, "Albert Porter is really Jack Black". Oh well.
Gunbei, our minds must be working in sync.

My thoughts on seeing this thread was:

“Aha! Albert has been caught in a compromising situation with one of those display cuties that he photographs (for our enjoyment, mostly).”

I quickly went over to the “New Today” listings to see whether Mrs. Porter had put his Walker up for sale. 8>)

I think you're recalling the thread detailing the wild time Albert Porter, Jax2 and Mattybumpkin had with four strippers in his Hard Rock Hotel room from last year. And how we promised not to let Mrs. Porter find out.

I remember Marco saying someone lost their underwear.

Work permitting next week, I'll finally get a chance to meet ol' Albert in Vegas.