CES Rumors

Anyone have an inside track on new product launches or updates at next month's Consumer Electronics Show?

A local dealer mentioned some new pre/pro from Parasound.
I heard the same rumor about Parasound.
I've been debating about buying the Anthem AVM30 or the Parasound C2. I favor the Anthem AVM30, because of all it's features, but now I'm going to wait and see what Parasound
has to offer.
Have heard a new cd player from Rowland, in which many of the design engineers came from Wadia...

Would like to hear impressions on the unit...
I believe that Day Sequerra may have some very interesting new items, assuming they make the show.
When I saw the heading "CES Rumors", I thought I'd find something like, "Albert Porter is really Jack Black". Oh well.
Gunbei, our minds must be working in sync.

My thoughts on seeing this thread was:

“Aha! Albert has been caught in a compromising situation with one of those display cuties that he photographs (for our enjoyment, mostly).”

I quickly went over to the “New Today” listings to see whether Mrs. Porter had put his Walker up for sale. 8>)
Pathos will debut their first top-loading tube-based CD player.
I was shocked, shocked I tell you, when I heard that gambling was going on in the same town as CES.

I think you're recalling the thread detailing the wild time Albert Porter, Jax2 and Mattybumpkin had with four strippers in his Hard Rock Hotel room from last year. And how we promised not to let Mrs. Porter find out.

I remember Marco saying someone lost their underwear.

Work permitting next week, I'll finally get a chance to meet ol' Albert in Vegas.

Not to mention the Adult Entertainment Show runs at the same time as CES. Maybe that's where Marco et al bumped into their playmates who ultimately absconded the lads' extremely-broken-in undergarments?
Gambling?! Adult Entertainment?! Electronic devices?

Good God, what am I subjecting myself to?

Soiled underwear I can handle.
back on topic, Harbeth will reportedly have a floor-standing speaker using the Radial driver/BBC cabinet philosophy/et al. We'll see - they will be exhibiting at T.H.E. show.


With this crowd (who, me?), I don’t think introducing the term “radial driver” is in order at the present time. However, I am also interested to see pics of the new Harbeths and read auditioner’s reactions.

Gunbei, please take, (ahem), protection (read: a mask) with you. Also, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, so you are safe until Albert starts posting pictures.

Best regards and On With The Show.
Audio Analogue Cento 100w Hybrid int amp.First product with tubes on the pre section for them.
Blue Circle Audio will be introducing its first DAC (Digital to Analog Converter). Called the BC501 it will retail for $3695.

In full disclosure........I am now affiliated with Blue Circle. If you would like more information on this DAC before the official release at CES, you can contact me directly.
Sugarbrie, congrats, BCA makes some quality gear. It must be a pleasure getting paid for enjoying this hobby.

Hey, congrats Sugarbrie!

You've you've long been the Blue Circle booster here and it seems to be a perfect fit. Will you be in the BC room at Alexis Park next week? I have all my reservations, but work may prevent me from attending. However, if I can I'll make sure to drop in on what is sure to be the nuttiest room at CES next to AVN that is.

Have fun!
Q Man:

I've been holding off about a new pre/pro as well... same choices: AVM 30 vs. C2. If I had the money, I think the Anthem D1 would be in the running.

Parasound does have a new pre-pro and amps that look very promising.
Below is a link that has pics and specs on the new Parasound gear.


A couple of nice things about the processor is bass management on the 7.1 channel analog input and video upconversion to component.
The amp that is posed to replace the HCA-2205 has a much nicer path to the binding posts as well.

Have to pass on CES this year but have fun!
Von Schweikert VR4 sr, also will be showing the VR9s - wow!
I hear Dynaudio is showing two new Subwoofers. The Sub 250 (little guy) and the Sub 700 for HT applications (ported monster size).