CES is almost upon us.

Just received my 2004 CES badge today, and thought it's never to early to see who else will be coming here. I wasn't able to meet with the other A-goner's that came this year, so to avoid missing out again, I'd like to see who's coming next year and if there will be a A-gon round up again?
I am planning on being there.
I have my plane and hotel (Circus Circus) booked and paid for, I'm more than ready! Rgds, Jeff
I'll be there too. No hotel reservations yet. Looking forward to it. Last year was a blast!
What are the dates for the CES show?
It is always held in Las Vegas, am I correct?
Will be there again most likely. Haven't booked yet but soon.
(Hey Peter! how are those Harbeths?)
Probably will attend now that I'm starting to cover the audio market.

Jeff, how's Amphion doing? Are you still carrying them?
My wife bought mine for my birthday, so we will be there. Looking foward to it...

I joined a start-up in June 2002, I'm flogging a L4-L7 content processor (no, not a NPU). I've heard rumours about Amphion but nothing I know to be fact. Drop me an email when you get a chance. Best, Jeff
I’ll be there Jan 7th, before the show starts. I’m lending a hand with set up in a couple of rooms. My hotel is downtown, away from the noise of the strip.

I’ll be there for the entire show. Returning late on Sunday the 11th. I just booked my air and hotel reservations today. (Late for me!)

Any Audiogon members wanting information or an entry badge may follow the link below.

Peter S, Will you be compiling a list of attendee's cell phone number's again for an A-gon cocktail hour ( or two)? It was you who did it this year wasn't it?
Ed, the Harbeth's are great! I've got them here in my office system, powered by an Odyssee Stratos Dual Mono, a N.E.W. tube preamp, the Jolida CDP and a TT. Alot of fun.

I would be happy to compile a cell phone list and circulate it before the show. If people want to email me their name, Agon moniker, and cell phone number, I'll compile it and send it out to all who contact me before the show. Let 'er rip!

Albert, thanks for the link!