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Does anyone know what hotel the high end will be located in, for the Vegas CES this January?
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I was at "T.H.E Show" every year at Flamingo except last year with their message.
"T.H.E. Show at the Flamingo is taking the year off" Sorry, no more high end.

The new audio product manufacture always been at Venetian Hotel. I understand CES 4 days event has been cut back to 3 days?
"The new audio product manufacture always been at Venetian Hotel."

Not always. I can tell you for sure that it used to be at the Mirage. I think the Sahara as well.
Way back when I started in this Business, 1992, the High End Audio Exhibit was in the Bi-level at the Sahara, which at that time was a run down place. There was a group of "outsiders" comprising of among others Audio Research and Theta that had an exhibit at the Golden Nugget downtown old Las vegas. In the period of big Home Theater the Hilton located right next to the Convention center housed these exhibits.

When they tore down the Bi Level at the Sahara the CES High Performance Audio show moved to Alexis Park hotel. Around this time THE Show appeared at the hotel next door now called Rumor Boutique Hotel, back then it was called San Tropez.

Because of the increased competition THE Show placed upon the CES they decided to move the CES to where it resides now The Venetian, i think this happened in 2008. At this time THE Show moved to Alexis Park for a couple of years then onto the Flamingo.

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CES in 2016 is a four day event, dates are January 6 through 9, a Wednesday through Saturday schedule, which is new.

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So the Venetian will be hosting for sure this year?
Lots of background but a little foggy on the certainty from the "posters."
Do you have a room reserved there Peter?
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Not yet, hoping to have something finalized later this summer, last year we showed with the folks form Dayton Audio / Parts Express, I designed a speaker kit for them, the Xenia We showed these with a full stack of our Amplifiers and the GrooveMaster Vintage Direct Turntable Hoping to make similar arrangements in 2016.

Checking the CES website its unclear if the venue will be the Venetian, what used to be called High Performance Audio is no longer a category it appears. Audio is listed several places though. CES Show Planner

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I may wait a while longer to see if the audio centralizes more.
I appreciate the link