CES 2013 most amazing bargain find

Check out a no compromise digitally activated bookshelf for a silly price deputed at this years CES 2013. It really is a leave no stones left no unturned approach to a desktop loudspeaker. The constrained layer damping and the drive units themselves already more than justify the price and its seems like the DSP, wireless connectivity, fully balanaced DAC topology with switchable filters and latest nCore inspired Hypex modules are thrown in for free. I really hope there are more details about the speakers such as the dimensions, digital connectivity on the website (www.moosaudio.com) though.
I wouldn't mind if they release a flagship version of it in the future with bigger drivers and nCore amplification along with better styled cabinet.
Meridian better watch out! This speaker offers way better connectivity, DSP, drivers, dacs and similar cabinets at 1/3 of the price of your bookshelf offering!

I hope one day Magico will offer the option of wireless integrated no compromise speakers such as these. I have really taken a liking to Magico's all aluminum cabinets and cutting edge drive units but you can easily swap the expensive crossovers for a way superior DSP active implementation. I bet the amplification, DSP, DACs and wireless connectivity cost just as much if not lesser than the overbuilt crossovers in Magico loudspeakers. I find passive crossovers such a waste of resources! Good ones are so expensive and also so difficult to do right.

What are your views on this? I am simply astounded at what is offered here. I have actually not seen anything like this and especially at this price!
Careful around the tweeter on those speakers or you'll get a nice puncture wound.
Thanks. I'd like to see more posts on Audiogon about new truly innovative products, like any that might have been discovered at shows like CES. Feed me more! These look like they might try to compete with smaller Dynaudio Xeos? I'd like to see more of technology similr to this applied to larger more full range speakers as well. How much further can build quality alone push the edge in a way that matters for many? My preferred speakers were innovative 30 or 40 years ago. Now, they are also highly refined and surprisingly still a quite unique design. GOod things stick around. WHere will Magico be in 10 years?
Wonderful Electric,
Would you mind sharing a name of the company and the speakers model name???
All i know is that the speakers are from Moos audio. A brand new company that has its speakers built by scan speak. Go check out the CES coverage on www.stereophile.com. The speakers are built in Denmark and for that price and build can you believe it?
And how do they sound? As the wise man said "the joy of low price is shortlived; the bitterness of low quality endures" Just sayin....
"Amazing bargain" bookshelf speakers for. $2500???
Yes, lots of good sounding speakers for $2500. Wireless + software based configuration approach, whatever in the end that buys you, would seem to be the innovation. Maybe just a fancy equalizer, but lots possible with digital. Bundling that in with a speaker system is pretty innovative. A good value? We'll have to see about that.
Visit their website and you will know what I am talking about. It is factory direct only for a good reason. And the factory is ScanSpeak!
I really don't see any other speaker at that price that has such a feature set.
And the digital filter option? That is the first I have heard of as an option for a DSP loudspeaker.
I am trying to figure out where I am going to fit them into my life now - too many speakers as of now already.
Not too many details about the connectivity of the speakers on the site though so I am going to hold off my pre-order until it is all sorted out.

Do you have any personal or commercial affiliations with this product?
I wish.... lol
Not in the audio business at all. I am a closet audiophile. Ever heard of a fashionista/ artist into audio? This hobby of mine alienates people.

The speakers are made by Scan Speak and is factory direct only thus the crazy low price. I mean I can't imagine any active speakers like this offered below $5000 let alone the additional DSP + wireless and balanced dacs. Although the main driver seems a little small at 5.5" for the speakers to be used for big rooms or far field though. I would expect it to be a great pair of speakers for a secondary system or systems.
just found out about these guys a couple of days ago. Very intriguing, the drivers used are top notch scan speaks. If the digital crossovers/amps are decent, this should be an incredible speaker at what can only be called a bargain price. Not sure about the cabinet quality, but the internal parts alone look like they could form the basis of a ground up custom built aluminum enclosure that would be awesome. Wish their website had more details/info/pictures....