CES 2010 and THE SHOW

Any reports about anything that's new, note worthy, or just blew you away?
As the reports are coming in it appears little is new except the trend to high price points with little, if any, sonic improvements. Speakers that cost less then $25K seem to be a thing of the past. The DAC thing has been overworked. Maybe the next break through will be the DSD codex, which had little exposure at THE Show.
OUCH!! Glad I didn't go this year then. Although, Vegas is so wierd it's fun to just walk around and gawk at it.

They got any of them new fangled record playing machines, that have gotten so popular??
not impressed with THE SHOW this year. too small of a turnout for vendors. there were some nice sounding rooms at the venetian. IMO, some of the better sounding rooms came from the less known/smaller scale/fairly inexpensive vendors.
Hi Mac,

Glad you started this thread.

I only attended Flamingo show.

Two sound system really blew my mind;
These two gave me the goose bumps...

Sanders Speakers (Roger Sanders, previous Innersound designer) and PBN/Montana EPS 2 speakers with EDGE amps. These speakers are priced in $10k, which is similar to Maggie 20.1

If you were here, i would love to hear your opinion on these two systems.

And yes, I almost forgot... one small speaker standed out.

It was PSI audio from Finland, A21-M !
Less than 2 feet tall but gave out an awesome sound.

I couldn't believe the sound was coming out from such a small box.

I know you are a Maggie fan, but I don't have much nice thing to say about their presentation...

By the way, I saw Jason and John Atkinson at the Maggie show room. They sure got special attention from Mark and Wendell. They were kind of rude to other attendees but changed their attitude 100% when John and Jason came in...
so humble and eager to help, LOL, guess that's how the audio jungle works, too.

Has anyone previewed the Nola baby grande or Electrocompaniet Nordic tone speakers?
THE Show was still pretty small but seemed to have a bit more attendees than last year. The Venetian seemed busy but the number of rooms was down from last year. Wanted to check out the Magico V3s but either they were not there or I could not find them. The Magico V5s were very good matched with $115k Solution mono amps whole system was super expensive but sounded great. Kind of disappointed with the Magico Q5s?, good but not great, especially for the money. Big Hansen speakers were really good but big big $$$.
I really liked the Electrocompaniet Nordic Tone speakers, which are out of reach for my audio budget.
Does anyone know if Albert Porter will be posting pictures from T.H.E. show or just CES?
He has:

This year had the best foot traffic I have seen at T.H.E. Show in years. It was fun seeing Harry Pearson's presentation, and the food was great! I heard several reports that CES only had two floors this year so it appears that it was about 2-2 1/2 times the size of T.H.E. Show. With 24 elevators serving the 4th floor at the Flamingo there were no complaints about elevator waits.
The Venetian's floors were a lot bigger than the Flamingo's -- three wings per floor, each smaller than the Flamingo, but still.
Albert Porter and Gang ~ you guys outdid yourselves this year. Photos are top drawer and I love the music additions....AWESOME