Certified Tech for Electrohome crt in Northern VA?

Hello Everyone!
Hopeing you may be able to help me find a Certified tech or someone familiar with the set-up and optimization of my electrohome marquee 8500 crt projector. I live in Northern Virginia and any leads and/or contacts would be greatly appreciated!
I don't know anyone off hand but I will check around. I used to know someone in the Southern Maryland area that serviced Northern VA. However, I am interested in your projector. I've considered this projector for a new theater. Where did you get it, how long have you owned it, how do you like it? I have used a NEC 6XPG, which is a very good 7 inch CRT, but think an 8 inch CRT would suit me better.
i really like the unit
i have had some mods done to it and am using a faroujda line doubler with it as well.
it really does produce a superb picture
hoep this helps
please let me know if you know of anyone
Contact David Harper at harperhometheater@comcast.net. He has extensive working knowledge of the Electrohome series. He will be calibrating mine in a few weeks. You can check avscience.com for references, I did and that's how I came to find him. I think he lives in PA, but travels.

So far he has been extremly helpful and I have not even paid him yet. You can tell him Michael (blueshirt) from Long Island gave you his name.
thanks so much for the info!
i will call him!
Check with Curt Palme .He is not in your area but is one of the most reputable and knowledgeable tech's in North America.
E-Mail curtpalme@shaw.ca or phone him at 604-421-8423