Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable

Just received the new Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable.
After you see the system lprules1962 has you can see why I trust him as a beta problem solver...
I am using a Transparent USB Reference ($695. retail )but I got a B stock cable for $425) between Roon and Ayre DAC.

Unfortunately, due to the back order status of the Roon when my streaming system was installed,  I never tried  the Roon w/o the USB cable.

The difference was noticeable immediately with both the Roon Nucleus and Transparent cable connected.  The next morning  after an overnight burn-in (part of the suggested 80 hours) it sound even better.

As a guess I would assign 60- 70% of the difference to the cable and the balance of the server.

You are aware that this thread is about the new Cerious Matrix usb cable? Do you now own one?

No, do not own the Cerious, just the Transparent.  Sorry, not trying to derail the thread.

That's ok. I thought perhaps you posted to the wrong thread.