Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable

Just received the new Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable.
I will be comparing the Cerious Matrix USB to Curious, Acoustic BBQ, and Pangea AG usb cables.
Bob say to give it about 100+ hours for break in and settling.

So, in a few days I will post my impression.

Results/outcome should be interesting.
Ok, its been a couple of days since receiving the Cerious Technologies Matrix usb cable and I see there are plenty of views so I will comment as to what I am hearing thus far.
First off, like all of my other Cerious Graphene Matrix cables it takes a day or two to settle (due to the slurry inside) and it may not be done settling yet. The first day it was ok, but subsequent days it is better.

Usb cables really shouldn’t make a difference, at least that is what I originally thought. When I purchased the Curious cables from Australia I was impressed by what a usb cable could actually do. So there has been reason to believe that even usb cables can effect the music sonically.

Now the Cerious Technologies Matrix usb is even better, even this early on. It has much more meat on the bones and provides better dynamic swings in the music. With my equipment I can’t believe I could get any better sound.

I am not sure if the cable I am trying is a production model (it looks very nice) so I’m not sure what it will sell for. I am thankful to Bob for the opportunity to be able try out this little gem. I’ll comment more as I get more hours on it.