Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable

Just received the new Cerious Technologies Matrix USB cable.
Any particular cable you will compare it too?
I will be comparing the Cerious Matrix USB to Curious, Acoustic BBQ, and Pangea AG usb cables.
Bob say to give it about 100+ hours for break in and settling.

So, in a few days I will post my impression.

Results/outcome should be interesting.
Ok, its been a couple of days since receiving the Cerious Technologies Matrix usb cable and I see there are plenty of views so I will comment as to what I am hearing thus far.
First off, like all of my other Cerious Graphene Matrix cables it takes a day or two to settle (due to the slurry inside) and it may not be done settling yet. The first day it was ok, but subsequent days it is better.

Usb cables really shouldn’t make a difference, at least that is what I originally thought. When I purchased the Curious cables from Australia I was impressed by what a usb cable could actually do. So there has been reason to believe that even usb cables can effect the music sonically.

Now the Cerious Technologies Matrix usb is even better, even this early on. It has much more meat on the bones and provides better dynamic swings in the music. With my equipment I can’t believe I could get any better sound.

I am not sure if the cable I am trying is a production model (it looks very nice) so I’m not sure what it will sell for. I am thankful to Bob for the opportunity to be able try out this little gem. I’ll comment more as I get more hours on it.

The USB Cerious Technologies Matrix is still improving. It is developing into a deep rich sound. This doesn't mean dark, no just very effortless natural sounding.

That means same as other matrix cables characters?

Yes, I guess it does. Probably uses the same type of design.

I’ve got my mine burning in and I’ve never had anything more than a cheap stock USB cable so I can’t give a good comparison like Ozzy can.  What I can say is when I first connected it the improvement was huge and dramatic. I never bothered with a fancy USB cable because we’re talking about 1’s and 0’s and nothing can change the way those digits are delivered right? As soon as I found out Cerious was offering this I had to try it. I’m glad I did. Can’t wait for what break in has to offer.

What you use to supply the DC 5V power?

I guess early on in the design Bob was going to make this cable externally powered but he said the cost would have pushed the cable price way up there ($3000+). So his current Matrix design is a standard usb A-B cable.

Price? I didn't see it on the website.

You probably have to contact Bob. He may have not settled on a price yet.

Hello from the Hot Desert of Phoenix, AZ. Good news! Our USB cable is done. VERY happy with the results. I first, however, have to address that it is not a powered version of a USB. This proved to be fraught with interface problems as many equipment manufacturers have their own specialized way of addressing the +5V in the USB and bypassing this causes problems. That and cost. If it is a TRUE Matrix, then it requires a Matrix power cable and a power supply worthy of being called Matrix. Add an enclosure robust enough to handle a Matrix power cord and you are looking at a $2700 USB cable (!). While there are USB cables out there at this price point, Cerious is not "geared" for something like this. Call me crazy...
So our production USB is a full Graphene Matrix Damping Squared digital cable + a Graphene Matrix DC cable all in one jacket (yes it has the reactive jacket found in all Damping Squared Matrix products). As a thank you for all the interest we are offering our GM USB for the introductory price of $849 for a 1M. We would have to sell a separate GM DC cable for at least $399 (yes we are working on this!) so you can see the value this cable brings, not to mention attaching 4 effectively 9 gauge conductors into a USB connector (I go through a lot of eye drops...). Of course everything we sell comes with our 30 day money back policy (we still get emails asking if we have a money back policy...strange...). If you would like to try one then email me directly or go to our website and hit the submission request button and let me know you want one. I will return an invoice so we can get you taken care of.
Thank everyone so much for all the kind words and I hope you all are having a great summer.
Bob Grost
Cerious Technologies
Yes OZZY and LANCELOCK got final production versions. We will add a Graphene Matrix DC cable soon. We are awaiting connectors from Oyaide. We had to develop a full Matrix DC for the USB. Trying real hard to keep the price down. I looked up what some USB are going for...please do not tell me wife, she will want me raise my prices. A $6000 USB cable? Really?
I still not quite understand. So now Matrix USB is traditional power+data or data only?
The Matrix is a "Traditional" Data+CD cable. It is only traditional in configuration...
Sorry about that...Data+DC cable...
Ordered mine.I have replaced my Nordost Tyr 2 loom with all Cerious Matrix cables (power cords, interconnects and speaker cable). Never look back.Only cable not Cerious is the USB - using Curious USB (which replaced a Lightspeed, in which replaced a Nordost).If the new Matrix USB is as good as the interconnects I will be very happy.


I think you will be quite pleased.

Has anyone else received the Cerious Matrix usb cable?

So I’m hearing an expanded sound stage with a quiet/black back ground and details, details, details. The cable has definitely gone through some changes during the breakin process. Once again I don’t have much to compare to but the matrix USB has made a big difference in my system.