Cerious Technologies?

If anyone is looking for some [proper] cables I would like to give a heads-up recommendation to Cerious Technologies, run by Robert Grost. He is a lonng-time A'Goner and has been around audio even longer. He is a well known dude! And yes, he is STILL in business!!!
I have just purchased a pair of his CT power cables, 5 footers, and they are an absolute steal!!! I don't think you'll find a better cable even at 15 TIMES the price he is charging. I am only giving this shout-out because this
price per performance is just stoopid-silly fantastic, and just what this hobby needs! He seems to be running these intermittent ads in the classifieds, so keep your eyes open and scoop up some fabulous sounding cables---you won't regret it!
My equipment includes:
KCS Speakers---Raal tweeters, Fostex 208 woofers.
PS Audio PWT
Berkeley Dac ver.1
PS Audio P5 conditioner
Bel Canto 845 tubed Mono's
WyWires Gold digital aes-ebu
FIM Gold I/C's
I always wanted to try those cables myself. Robert is a very talented designer. I was one of his first Unity dealers back when he was just starting out. He really knows what he's doing.
I almost bought some speaker cables he had for sale a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't. Maybe next time around.
Out of curiosity, what other cables have you compared them to?
I had a pair of the Nano Reference ICs w/ Xhadow RCAs. They had some very appealing qualities- smooth, detailed, with great separation, and clear bass. In these areas they bested some very good cables. However- in my systems, they sounded a bit rolled off on top, which was not a good match. If I had brighness issues elsewhere in the chain, I may well have kept them.
I also had issues of picking up RF- I had a buzz when used in my main system. I used copper foil to shield them, which helped.
However, I've since moved to Grover Huffman ZX ICs, and they have bested everything else I've tried.
I'ma bit curious about the Cerious SCs, though.
According to some of the recent product listings for the Cerious Nano Reference ICs, they have been offered in both shielded and unshielded versions. I have two pair of the shielded XLR ICs and can attest to their excellence with no hum or RF problems in my setup. Sonically they are superb!
I am using his SC in a seperate H/T setting with no issues
and the sound is verrry good (for H/T).
I have the Nano Ref. XLR's in my seperate stereo listening
room along with a pair of his P/C's on the mono amps. No noise and quiet as a church mouse. Sounds reallly good!
If you can get away with unshielded cables, they are more "open" sounding
I have the original, non-Nano ICs. I have emailed Robert Grost several times about the Nanos,and have never gotten a response. Does anyone have an email address for him that is different than what is on the website?

Jfz, he's currently running a product listing for the Nano Reference balanced ICs. I would suggest trying to contact him through the ad link provided.
I wound up buying a 1 meter pair of Nano Reference interconnects from Bob a couple of weeks after my post on 10-05-13. I have to say that I am very impressed, especially for the price. I don't think I have done any better at that price range, or quite a bit more. I wound up selling more expensive interconnects from Stealth Audio and Purist Audio.
I was so impressed that I have ordered an 8 foot pair of the speaker cables. I will see how they stack up against my Acoustic Zen Double Barrel speaker cables.
I've been running the 8 foot LC Series and they are very quiet. They relaced Nordost Blue Heaven Rev II's. I also used Kimber 4,8, and 12TC's, Morrow Audio SP 3 and SP4.The others all worked pretty well and were more flexable, but the Cerious Techologies seem to work better for me. Cool article by 6 Moons on how they are constructed. I spoke with Robert about some possible PC's. Seeme like a good guy and knowledgeable.