ceramic tip toes

I picked up a pair of Golden Sound ceramic tip toes from my local audio shop. They seem less effective than the original feet on my VPI /MK 19. When I walk on my carpeted floor, I can hear the "bounce". Are these the wrong feet?

Many resonance control devices are very equipment specific in the way they behave. Predicting whether a particular tweak will sound better or worse (or just different) in a particular application is difficult at best. Trial and error is often the only way. Now you know about this combination.

BTW, how do you balance a TT on a "pair" of tip toes? ;-)
sorry, it was a set of 3. Do you know if the original "Tip Toes" are rubber or ceramic?
I can't tell from the website, do these screw into the base of your 'table? If not, I'd guess that could be the problem with this application.

BTW, what are you trying to improve with 'table?
The original Tiptoes branded product are aluminum. I have a set purchased in '86 for my SOTA Sapphire.
the ceramic, conical shaped pieces did not come with screw in pieces, just flat ends with a hollowed out recess on the flat end.
I was trying to reduce any vibrations coming through the tonearm, although I really did not notice any until I placed the units, as instructed on the bottom of the plinth. The cabinet is a rather heavy oak piece and the floors are heavily carpeted. As I mentioned before, was trying to improve the bass which seems very anemic. Perhaps I should upgrade the platter first?
Thanks for the reply.
sorry... meant to add that the aluminum Tiptoes are threaded and designed to replace the SOTA's stock hard rubber feet.