Ceramic insulator cone under phono stage shocker!

I have used small ceramic insulator cones underneath my phono stage for quite some time.
Previous phono was a Gold note ph10 and it did not make ANY audible difference I could detect which way up the cones were so I had left them cone upwards.

When I changed my phono to a Manley Chinook I just left the cones same way.
This afternoon I decided to flip them over so cone down just to see.

I honestly could not and cannot believe the difference!
I may have lost a smidge of low bass but everywhere else is improved in spades.
Much more detail, resolution, air, imaging, dynamics.
Just completely shocking how much better a small change has made.

But I am perplexed why such a huge change on the Chinook where I noted nothing on the ph10?

Any theories here?
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Seriously I had a very good result now I trawl my memory banks in my ht rig years ago.

Had this huge fugly 15 inch sub , boy could it move some air but very wooly sound.
Raised it up on spikes and a huge improvement all round. It still chuffed some at the port but a lot tighter response.
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Elizabeth, Thank you for your gentle chastisement. I will try to start new threads for all my silly questions. But thank you for taking pity on me and answering!
Well I found some huge spikes in my cupboard, not sure what they came from but was able to adapt them to the bottom of my ML sub.
Have also some nice metal cups for them to sit into with a rubber backing for the floor side which as it is sitting on a solid concrete floor that is tiled is about as good as I can get for now on the cheap.

Distinct improvement in the bass department, tighter more distinct notes more easily discernible as separate notes. And it appears to have merged even better into the system, I really could not tell from my seating position that there is a sub in the system previously but now absolutely not even when looking right at it and knowing that is where the deep bass is coming from my ears tell me it is not.

Works for me so far!

Pop quiz!

Are spikes couplers or decouplers?