Ceramic insulator cone under phono stage shocker!

I have used small ceramic insulator cones underneath my phono stage for quite some time.
Previous phono was a Gold note ph10 and it did not make ANY audible difference I could detect which way up the cones were so I had left them cone upwards.

When I changed my phono to a Manley Chinook I just left the cones same way.
This afternoon I decided to flip them over so cone down just to see.

I honestly could not and cannot believe the difference!
I may have lost a smidge of low bass but everywhere else is improved in spades.
Much more detail, resolution, air, imaging, dynamics.
Just completely shocking how much better a small change has made.

But I am perplexed why such a huge change on the Chinook where I noted nothing on the ph10?

Any theories here?
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I just picked up a set of three small DH cones for $35 (including shipping) that I plan to place under my phono stage.  I also bough DH squares to place the cones on as recommended by GS.  I may A/B compare them against some BDR carbon cones and discs that are currently under my BDR Source shelf supporting my TT.  Experimenting is good times ;-)
Ok, newbie here, at least in this arena. I am currently stacking my two amps, preamp, CD player and Bluesound Node two on top of each other. I know there is no one perfect answer, but...

Do I need to have a rack first with maple shelves? Can I just insert pen blanks between the components? What about #10 stoppers or ceramic cones? Help!!!!
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This may be off slightly from the original text of your post but I think serves to give an example of how good/proper isolation can work.

I have (2) Martin Logan Depth i subs in my small listening space. I’ve been using the stock (pretty darn good quality) supplied spikes for years. I have a few sets of Stillpoints Ultra SS that are unused and had always planned on using some under the MLs. I just needed to order some adapters and a few Bullet Spikes and the installation was very easy. I was as you say, "shocked"..... at how much more, clear lower bass info there is now that I really never heard before. The MLs have 3 equally opposing 8" drivers that cancel out almost all vibrations ( the main reason I like them so much in my situation). Having said that and even though they are on a suspended floor, I get this great upgrade in SQ. Oh yeah, the center stage, especially vocals have an enticing new clarity that draws you in.
@slaw .

Very much on topic imho.

Now you have me thinking that I need to address my ML sub too.
It is actually sitting on some of those little wood blocks with grooved rubber either side( totally forget the make).

I am sure there is mileage to be had there as well for myself.

But it is nice to hear someone else having a big ah ha moment over something fairly simple as well.

Off to look in my odds n sods box see if I can come up with anything before spending any!