Ceramic insulator cone under phono stage shocker!

I have used small ceramic insulator cones underneath my phono stage for quite some time.
Previous phono was a Gold note ph10 and it did not make ANY audible difference I could detect which way up the cones were so I had left them cone upwards.

When I changed my phono to a Manley Chinook I just left the cones same way.
This afternoon I decided to flip them over so cone down just to see.

I honestly could not and cannot believe the difference!
I may have lost a smidge of low bass but everywhere else is improved in spades.
Much more detail, resolution, air, imaging, dynamics.
Just completely shocking how much better a small change has made.

But I am perplexed why such a huge change on the Chinook where I noted nothing on the ph10?

Any theories here?
I’ve used Herbies audio slider discs under my Maple shades rack’s brass pointed feet - they isolate the rack and also allow me to slide the rack out if needed -  I would check out their web site - you can also ask them for suggestions - as they are very knowledgeable 

Decoupling the rack feet might prove uh, challenging. But it could be done. And I know how to do it! 🤗 

Pop Quiz - first person to answer get a free tweak, How can the rack feet be decoupled from the floor?
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I'm waiting eagerly for your answer GK.  I have no ideas beyond extra rigid marshmallows or something involving anti-matter.