Ceramic fuses

Gday, Im looking at purchasing some ceramic fuses for my Primaluna gear. 
The question I have, would  a gold plated or rhodium plated fuse be the way to go? If so, which would be the better choice? 
Any information or help, would be appreciated. 
Cheers Ricey

Merry Christmas, everyone
Ah thought to add my 10c --or in my case $200's (!)worth to this discussion-so I will get straight to the Nitty Gritty!

Firstly I am in the Fuses can make a positive point in a system, no not earth shattering but yes improvements, some subtle can be determined.

I've installed Hi Fi Tuning/ Isoclean/Furutech/AMR and foolishly last week I fell for the blurb about Synergistic Research--I purchase 2 of their "lauded" Fuses, both correct rated T versions for my Dac.

I changed the factory fuse for the "new" SR pushed the button--nix nada ??--removed SR fuse--blown-well measured dead as a door nail
WTF?? brand new correct type /etc!

Put factory identical rated fuse back in and powered up--fine all lights
on DAC goes to full operating mode--excellent.

But thinking it was just freak surge--and wanting to experience the SR Magic--I replaced the other spare SR and switched on

Poof--same B***dy episode-- this fuse blew also instantly .

I put the original factory one back all all fired up and ready for music--no problems.

So let this be a warning to those looking to buy Synergistic Research Fuses
Frankly don't bother!--I'd flush your dollars--in my case $200--straight down the Crapper.

They are Crap and deserve to go where Crap goes.

Give this SR mob a wide berth-- I've used Hi Fi Tuning and Furutech fuses successfully for 12 years they are genuine are deliver as promised.




I had a couple of SR fuses immediately blow when doing a test a few years ago, and I have never had a decent Littelfuse self destruct or do anything but its job. Expensive fuses don’t and simply can’t make any difference by providing sonic improvement over stock fuses supplied in modern gear, and if people swear by hearing some sort of improvement after swapping out regular fuses for "magic" ones, they’re simply riding the warm waters of expectation bias. Claiming there is some wonderful improvement with magic fuses by offering piles of hyperbole doesn't prove anything but what you "feel" is happening, but that often has little to do with facts these days...I "feel" my cars go faster when they’re clean, but I also know they don’t.
True Wolf--Ego, perception, thinking what we assume to be better

scourges this Audio following --we've all been down this path

much to the detriment of our wallets! in the journey to Nivrana

Sometimes we are our own victims

Dogs chase cars too but I've never seen any catch one!

Good listening,


Pure copper has 100% IACS conductivity. Copper allloys have conductivity between 99 and 86% IACS.

Rhodium which is much harder than platinum and palladium, typically 800-1000 HV, and has exceptionally high corrosion resistance. It has
electrical conductivity of 38% IACS. This makes it the most electrically conductive of the platinum group metals. 

Some idiot reads the last sentence above which is made in the context of platinum group of metals, and later thinks Rhodium is one of the best conductors of electricity amongst all conducting  metals.. . 
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