Ceramic fuses..where to get 'em

Dear All,
My dedicated circuits are now nearly finished. My electrician (who has done a good job) can't find ceramic fuses. He had trouble actually locating a fusebox in the san diego area. He found a "disconnect box which takes standard edison base fuses.
Does anyone know where to get ceramic base fuses. i assume these are available in edison base.

That seems strange. they are a hydraulics company. I sent them email so I am checking. Any others out there?
Jphlips reports finding ceramic fuses at Home Depot. They are slow blow type (a regular fast fuse would offer somewhat better transient protection) but may likely still sound better than glass bases. I had no luck at Home Depot myself, but was able to locate a few older ceramic fuses at an old small town hardware store. Hopefully this will be enough to last me for the duration; it's not like they fail on a regular basis - they only blow out upon a large incoming transient or accidental short circuit at the load end.
Find an old hardware store out in the country. In my case, it was one in southern Vermont. I bought a case of them. If you can't find a supply, email me privately and I'll send you a handful.

Bishopwill..thanks I will take a drive this weekend...what do i tell my girlfriend?
Jdwek -- you could tell your girlfriend you are shopping for pottery (well, ceramics ...).
Or you could call 636-527-3877 (Bussman -- see bussmann.com/products/Electrical/Group11.asp) who will give you the name and number of local distributors (I got four in my area and had to stop her from giving me more). Bussman still makes and sells Types W, T and S edison plug fuses (and fuse boxes). You may also have some luck with Littelfuse.com.
Interestingly, while doing research, I ran across Article 240 of the National Electrical Code that, apparently, says plug fuses are only allowed to replace existing installations. (see www.mikeholt.com/nec/215_240.htm) I was hoping to build a new one for my dedicated lines. Folks in the past haven't been too picky about installing the right fuse replacements and a 30A or 15A are the same size. That could lead to an even hotter date than pottery shopping ;-)
Remember ... think with your ears!
That's funny I happen to be in a used bookstore and happened to see the same reference in the NEC!