Centre speaker position.

I have noticed a lot of centre speakers below the tv, usually below ear level for the tweeter. Should centre tweeters be at ear level and on the same horizontal plane as the left and right speaker tweeters?
Theaters solved this problem by having all three front speakers behind a perforated screen. We can’t be so lucky.

For home it is OK to put the side speakers at the TV level and have the center sit above or below it.

Things to consider: Ideally, tilt the center channel so it points towards the listeners. The other is that room correction is especially beneficial for the center channel since it is usually in a sub-optimal location, like in an entertainment center. 


This question was asked in an acoustic lecture once.  The answer was that center should be on the same horizontal plane as the left/right.  In other words, the center midrange/tweeter should be the same height as the left/right speakers.  This provides a more cohesive transition when sounds pan from left to center to right.  It is even okay if all 3 speakers are mounted up high.  It is still better than having a triangle setup (i.e. low main and high center).  I remember seeing all sorts of luxury home theater installations that look great, but have the left/right main speakers mounted down very low and center mounted up high above the big screen tv.