Centre and Rears to match Dynaudio Special 25's

I didn't necessarily want to go to the expense of the new COntour rears, thinking of perhaps the new COntour Centre and just Audience 42's as rears. Maybe even just 3 52SE's for centre and rears?

Any recommendations?

I guess the only perfect match would be 3 more SPecial 25's but thats certainly expensive.
A stereo set-up if done properly is capable of reproducing 3D sound. I will not worry too much about centre and rears. Yes, if you must, perhaps getting 3 more special will be great.
I have Dynaudio Contour SC match my Special 25s. Wonderful tonal match and openness! Beat my previous PSB and Dunlavy center channel speakers hands down. Don't go anything less. I dilligently tested SC and Special 25s in TV dialogue and music, SC it a must to have. Trust me.

Rear surround speakers are complete different story. They are just for 'effect' not music itself. I am very happy with my PSB Alpha Mini ($179/pair). Don't waste money on them.

Abe's correct; there is no reason to go hog whild on rear surround speakers (unless you want them to be full range for the depth charges in Das Boot). However, there is also no reason to waste ANY money on the center channel - it's just not needed. Use phantom mode instead. IMHO.

The difference between with and without Center Speaker can be very subtle indeed in lots of cases. But in full DD or DTS mode, center speaker does anchor the image more solid, especially for dialogues. The Dolby ProLogic IIx also performs better with center speaker, at lease in my set up which consists of Yamaha RX-V1400 receiver and Dynaudio Special 25s mains and Contour SC center channel.

But I could be wrong though since there are so many different channel setup options such as redirect center channel to the two mains which I have not explored, instead I simply disconnected the center. Maybe with right configuration two main will do an adequate job.......


Sorry guys, I didn't see that anyone had replied to me. Abe, if you simply disconnected the centre, you would have lost centre channel info altogether unless you changed your set up to phantom centre.

Abe, do you think the SC is almmost as good as using another Special 25 instead?