Central AC Ruining MY System Sound

My system is connected on three dedicated lines.They are from a new breaker box fed from my original panel.It has five 20a breakers, three being used by the system,two left as spares.We had central air put in,which was installed when I wasn't present.They used the two spares doubled up.The net result,my sound is terrible.Images are shifted to one side,and sounds fuzzy.If I turn off the ac and furnace breakers,Everything sounds great.Is there a way to correct this.Can a separate line be brought in from the outside to a third panel box with just the ac on it.One electrician I spoke with says no.Also don't want and can't afford a power regenerating unit such as a PS/Monster etc.Would really like to hear from anyone who has had a similiar situation, and solved the problem.
The likely problems are electrical noise in the air conditioning equipment grounding conductor, and the compressor motor reducing the power factor. Without knowing whether your subpanel is breaker-fed or subfed through the lugs or the type of feeders (BX, Romex, Greenfield etc), the only suggestion I can make is to swap the 2-pole breaker/circuit to the ac unit with two circuits from the main panel that have no motors or fluorescent lights on them.

As far as a separate line is concerned, this would require a separate service (and meter). Utility companies usually don't allow this for one occupancy unless local building codes permit.
Denman- Ask member Albertporter about preferential grounding schemes. Though they do involve adding at least one grounding rod, dedicated feeds from the main junction (not your audio system sub-box) box to the A/C and furnace and utilizing preferential grounding for your audio sub-box neutral and ground will likely eliminate the problem. Good luck.
You say that the 2nd box is fed from the original panel? Relocate the AC, or the audio rig, so as to be sourced from the first panel, in other words, completely rework the load distribution for better isolation.