Center to match Totem Rainmakers?

Hi everyone. I recently purchased a pair of Totem Acoustic Rainmakers. Now I need a new center to match. Currently, I have an Acoustic Research AR4C which sounds nice, but I want something that is going to be more matched. I am having trouble locating the rainmaker center at a reasonable price, and I know that the dreamcatcher center is not matched for these guys as well. Any suggestions? I guess I could keep on using the AR4C until something pops up...


If you are going to make a change, IMO your only logical choice would be something from Totem.
ANY of their centers will match better than ANY other maufacturer's.
Good point. I guess I will keep waiting for something to turn up. Thanks.
Agree with Muzikat. Did you listen to the Dreamcatcher center with the Rainmakers?
Just get a 3rd Rainmaker. Lay it sideways. Picked that trick up from my dealer. Walked into one of his demo rooms one year and he had three identical meridian speakers for the left, center & right. Sounded AWESOME.

I had never thought of it before.
Not a bad $ saving tip, the only trouble is finding 1 rainmaker! I guess it could happen!
Bet if you call Totem, they's send you one. You can also get a pair on 'Gon for $550 or so and just use the one - $550 not a bad price for a perfectly matched center.