Center to match Energy Veritas 2.3i's?

I recently purchased a pair of the 2.3i's and am looking to get a center speaker that pairs well with the these speakers. Energy has the Veritas 2.0ci, but it doesn't have the same 2" midrange driver of the 2.3i's and I've read it's not a very good match. Local dealer doesn't have one so I have no way to tell. Can those of you who own or are familar with the Veritas "i" line lead me in the right direction to find a center that pairs well with these speakers? I am using a B&W HTM-2, but it is a very different sound and not a good match. Thanks.
I recall reading a review which prefers 2.2 over 2.0 as center speaker. You can probably get a pair of 2.2 and use the other one as back channel in 6.1.
I agree with Kenn. If you know what you are doing and your amp can handle it, use both 2.2's for the center. I did this with soliloquy sat-5's running the centers parallel-I knew my amp could handle 4ohms easily (two 8ohms in parallel=4ohm load). You can do the reverse and run them in series also which will double the impedance load to 16-assuming you have 8ohm speakers.
Thanks for the responses. Yes, I imagine the 2.2 would work better as it has the same midrange driver. Have no idea why they didn't put this speaker in the V2.0i. Unfortuanly it's not an option. My TV sets in the middle of a entertainment center and on a stand designed for the TV. It's a perfect fit and evelopes the set perfectly so my only option is to use the open shelf of the cabinet which is just above the TV. A 27" x 12" opening. I'd have to set it in sideways and of course that wouldn't work. Anyone own these speakers who can comment? Thanks.
If the space and the amp allow, put the 2.2's on either side of the TV and feed them with the same center channel signal as Elevick suggested.

Energy is pretty proud of that sound convergence module. My guess is that it would make the center speaker too tall. They would have to develop one with two 2" drivers to lay the unit horizontally. Perhaps too expensive to develop and make.
I guess what you really want to know is how bad it would be to go without the 2" driver.

I use 2.1 and 2.2i, in two separate systems. Like 2.0, 2.1 does not have the 2" driver.

The sonic signature is basically the same with 2.1 and 2.2i. 2.2i differs from 2.1 by additional clarity and a sense of "ease". If you run the center channel with high pass instead of full range, my GUESS is that 2.0 should do fine.