Center/surround for Vandersteen Quatro

I have a pair of Vandy Quatro running off of tube audio research vsi-55 for my music. My wife also wants to have "at least ok" surround (we don't watch much blue-ray - just streaming content and 5.1 broadcast). I have a surround Denon 3313ci preamping the Qautro and need advice to pick a center channel and surround speakers. 3 questions for advice:

1) i would not want to burn the tubes on AR VSI-55 for TV, so curious if i can just run center and surround for regular TV and then turn the tube amp when somethign intersting by way of audio is on?

2) Center channel. This one i'd like to have a good one primarily becasue of i am thinking about use case #1 but also for dialog quality. VCC-1 does not seem to be well liked. Any other manufacturer to pair? Any ideas?

3) Surround speakers. VSM-1 is way too big. There is no wall on one side for surrounds so i would prefer something that can be mounted to the ceiling (not in -ceiling, just hanging off of ceiling). Any ideas?
Ask Johnny from Audio Connections. HE is honest and sells the Vandy's. His specialty is proper matching and proper set up. I have yet to meet anyone as good as he is at this for both two channel as well as proper 4 channel. He's in NJ and posts on this board all the time. I've been to most of the high end stores around the world in my life and he's right at the top. YOu don't have to spend too much if it's only for decent surround I woudln't think. Where are you located?