Center Splice Speaker Wire

I use bare connection on my speaker cable (blue jeans 5T00UP). Recently I thought I might try a "different" way of making the connection, because over time (9 months?) given removal, oxidation (albeit minimal) and perhaps boredom I like to re-strip the ends.

I removed about 3/4 inch insulation, however, NOT at the very end, but about 1/2 inch from the end where insulation remains. In so doing I thought it would be easier to thread the end - with the insulation on it- through the binding post. This also doesn't allow the wire to un-braid as readily. Further, the connection itself appears more uniform. Basically what I've done is strip a portion of the insulation so there remains bare wire sandwiched between insulation on both its right and left side.

I'm wondering if anyone else has used or uses this same technique, and if there is any negative in doing this, etc. As always on this forum, please share your experiences, opinions, etc.

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@gdhal Copper is a great material.  One cool thing about it is that copper oxide is just as conductive as copper.  That is, even after oxidizing it still works pretty well. :)

Despite this, I still use WBT for my speakers. :D :D :D
Thanks Eric. Yeah the wire I'm using is copper. I didn't know that oxidation is just as conductive. From what I've read elsewhere, such as here , oxidation would be something to avoid. In any case I'm not overly concerned with oxidation. 

When I re-think the title of this thread, I think I may has miswrote by using the word splice. I haven't actually spliced by joining wire with solder or anything like that. I think I should have used the word "strip", as in center stripped the wire.

Thanks Eric.