center speaker options for gershman x-1 based home

I have a dedicated system in my living room which I use exclusively for watching movies. I however have been using it without a center channel and I now am looking into the option of a well matched center channel speaker . The cc-X would be a fine choice however It rarely comes up used and I am not sure if I want to purchase it new since it would cost me twice as much than the x-1's I got here on audiogon. Any good timbre machted options around 900-950$ (used or new) ?
I own Wilson Sophia,2. No way am I ready to pony up to 'their' center. I do HT but am less demanding in that area. With you,comming from no center, almost any decent center will be better. Check out something you could resell for same and maybe one after that till you're happy.(Lots of center speaks in the 'used' dept.)
I do not agree. An unmatched center is worse than a phantom center since it will skew the FR of the entire system.

If you cannot get the dedicated center, consider a smaller regular speaker from the same stable. Most of these are superior to the so-called dedicated centers and one of them will be easier to obtain on the used market.

In the past I have owned 2 HT speaker systems that all matched/all around. Yup,it's hot and thee way to go. However that was 3 years ago (The most recent was Aerial 10T's with cc3 etc.) HT is still pretty good even when things don't match. My feeling is anybody that picky wouldn't be asking such a question. (YMMV) Everybody isn't always looking for the "best there is";right now. For some it is a step at a time.