center speaker need help asap

I have atc studio monitors, incredible sound and dynamics very natural and need a center speaker asap, have a choice between an aerial cc5, krell resolution c and revel ultima voice have never heard any of these, would love some input on the nutrality, dynamics of these if you have an opinion would be of the greatest help, thanks !
p.s I'm looking for used but can't find the atc I need !
I'd suggest going phantom center until you can find a proper matching center (this is because matching tonality is so important with voices). I have ATC 100's and I don't really miss a center channel at all because we are usually only 2 or 3 to watch movies and we sit well back (see virtual system to get an idea of room size/setup). Of course my main enjoyment is music so that may be a factor.
An inexpensive solution may be They will put together a center for you using the same drivers as in your ATC's. It won't be perfect but for the price is a great substitute and a heck of a lot cheaper than some of yours listed.
thanks guys, bought the revel ultima voice, since its a class A audiophile and will let you know how it turns out, we'll see if buying a non matching center to use as theater works out but was told yesterday by someone who only deals with very high end equipt. that this center would compliment the atc's very nicely !
Got the revel last week, let me tell you after mounting in the correct position for my system and tweeking the dual adjustments on the back of the speaker it is simply amazing and you cannot tell it is from another speaker line than the atc's ! It is truly dynamic and balances perfectly, I cannot be happier with this speaker !