Center speaker for my devore nines speakers...

hi to everyone. im search for center speaker to match to my devore fidelity nines speakers. my budget not allow me to buy the devore center is about 1500$ (expensive for just center channel).i think budget 300-500$ used.
im thinking alot about what willl be match. no answear at all in any forum :-(.
all i know that the center need to be with almost the same elemnts like the devore had.and its need to be in the same color sound like the devore its means musically soft alittle very open detalied clear and not sharp.
im use leben amp for stereo and its connected to yamaha rxv2700 home theatre receiver my living room is not big the front is about 3.5 meter and the all space is 4*5 meter. ilke to hear movies and live show.
i have think on few center avabile in my country israel :
tannoy saturan s6c or linn 5120 , NHT VS-2,jamo concert d8(the high model of jamo),monitor audio rx.
i like to recommendation from you if you know what will be good value for used center that match to my speakers.
thanks alot and wait for answear from you my friends im really dont know what to buy?