Center speaker for Cremona Auditors

I have Cremona auditors and i need center channel speaker. The Cremona center is i think to big and $. If i put Domus center speaker the drivers are made of aluminum.
Anyone have experience with Domus center channel speaker and Cremona Auditors left and right?
Sorry my english is not the best.
The best solution is to find another friend who needs the same center, then buy a pair of auditors and split it one speaker for eachone of you.
Good answer, Kops!
HUH?! The Domus line is NOT made with aluminum drivers.
I think you could easily have an outstanding synergy with the Domus and Auditors in a home theater situation. The Domus center is an excellent speaker and looks beautiful to boot!
The salesperson in Magnolia told me Domus have aluminum drivers and my Auditors are made from paper and the sound will be different. I will ask again.
Thanks Realhifi.