Center speaker for Carver ALIII + speakers

I own pair of Carver Ribbons Al III + speakers and would love to find the perfect match ( Center Speaker ) to work with Carver ribbons for my H.T. set up.

I will use 3 Chiro's C- 200 solid state amps to drive each of 3 speakers.
Thank you for your time and tips.
The best you can do is put a DIY ribbon speaker in the center? Talk to the guys at or madisound.
Laying an ALIII on its side would be absurd to say the least?
Eminent Technology might be good center, or even a Magnepan also Boehlender Graebner may be 3 great ideas.
Thanks for the tips.
I was leaning towards Mirage Omni CC or Martin Logan Cinema.
Not sure how those two would sound with carvers/
Carvers have a ribbon tweeter. What else uses a ribbon? Magnepan? Anything else? Maybe Red Rose but quite pricey.
Magnepan or Eminent Technology would be perfect. The cheaper Magnapan center is only $300 and sounds great (I used one with my Electrostats) but it rolls off at 100hz, the next 2 Magnepan's are going to be $600-$1000 or so and go to 80hz so you get a bit more depth. For $1000 the Eminent Technology LT12 center is probably best, it features dynamic woofers it has the Planar Midrange and Tweeter that will blend well with Carver and can be powered with a decent performing reciever.
Uh, how about Sunfire's Cinema Ribbon and Cinema Ribbon Trio series of HT speakers, which of course include a couple of hybrid center channel speakers? and
I thought about those Carvers having viewed them a month or two ago when I first saw them,but they really dont look worth the money to me, they roll off at 95hz wich is a joke. Surely the Carver folks could have came up with something better and deeper for that kind of cash.
I really feel the Eminent Tech center will be the best option.
Why not use a B&G center speaker that uses a ribbon system. These guys are the original Carver ribbon suppliers.

I think the mode is a 210i